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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945


Tree Department

To report a public tree problem click here
Note: This report is for reporting purposes ONLY; please see the Shade Tree Regulations
for further information.
The Town is not responsible for trees on private properties/streets.

Residents are reminded to keep all hedges, trees & shrubbery (on their private property) 
clear of the sidewalks.

What We Do

The Tree division uses the designation of "Urban Forest" to convey the department's conception of its role in protecting and servicing the natural resources within the Town.



-     Planting, care and maintenance of approximately 9,000 shade trees on 72 miles of public ways as well as additional trees and shrubs in parks and on other public grounds.

-     Pruning, removing fallen limbs and trees on public roads, and clearing branches for overhead wires in collaboration with the Municipal Light Department

-     When necessary, the division oversees the control of poison ivy, mosquitoes and gypsy moths.



Contact Information

Doug Gordon 

 Tree Warden


Office location:
Town Garages

Tower Way

Marblehead, MA  01945


Fax  781 631-1946

Email Tree Department

Shade Tree Regulations

Business hours:

Monday - Friday

7 AM - 3 PM


Emergency After Hours:

Contact Police Department


Request a Tree

The planting of trees continues throughout the growing season.  Residents may make a request for a tree to be planted in front of their home.  Planting of trees will occur in the Spring and Fall seasons only.  Watering of the tree by the resident is required.  Note: There is a greater need for new and replacement trees than the budget provides.


A fund to accept donations for planting trees has been established. Contact the department for information.