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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Electric Service
What We Do
General Manager

80 Commercial Street
Marblehead, MA  01945

Billing / Customer Service
Ph: 781-631-5600

Emergencies / Operations
Ph: 781-631-0240

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
The Marblehead Municipal Light Department serves the Town of Marblehead with safe, reliable and value-added electric service at competitive rates. The Department was established by a vote of Town Meeting on March 15, 1894 and construction of the Light Plant was completed in 1895. The department is still located in the original building today.

Where can I pay my electric bill?
You can pay your monthly electric bill through Direct payment, mailing your payment to or dropping it off at our Commercial Street office, or using one of our payment boxes conveniently located around town:
  • Mary Alley Municipal Building, 7 Widger Road
  • Municipal Light Department Office, 80 Commercial Street 
  • Marblehead Savings Bank main office at 25 Atlantic Avenue 
  • Marblehead Savings Bank branch office at 1 Humphrey Street 
  • Bank of America, 66 Pleasant Street 
  • Salem Five Bank, 89 Pleasant Street 
  • National Grand Bank, 91 Pleasant Street 
  • Eastern Bank, 118 Washington Street 
  • Brotherhood Credit Union, 254 Humohrey Street 

Direct Payment
The Marblehead Municipal Light Department accepts direct payment of accounts. To receive the convenience of having your payment automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account each month, you need to complete the required forms and return them to the Light Department. The forms can be obtained by e-mailing  or by calling 781-631-5600.

Rebates for Energy Efficient Appliances
In an effort to encourage energy efficiency in Marblehead, the Light Department is offering rebates to residential customers who purchase energy-efficient appliances. Rebates are also available for those customers who wish to improve the insulation in their own home or who purchase a programmable setback thermostat. For more information on this program call Cindy Snow, Energy Services Coordinator, at 781-631-0240 or visit the Light Department's website.

The Light Department also offers residential customers a service called HELPS (Home Energy Loss Prevention Service). Customers can call 888-333-7525 with any questions about energy conservation in their home or to find out more about getting a home energy audit.

Lease Long-lasting Energy-efficient Light Bulbs
Customers are offered the opportunity to lease Saverlights from the Light Department. Saverlights are compact fluorescent lightbulbs that use less energy to give the same amount of light as the standard incandescent bulbs they replace. Saverlights have a life expectancy of 10,000 hours, outlasting more than ten standard lightbulb replacements. Call Cindy Snow at 781-631-0240 for information on leasing Saverlights.

Each Spring in the elementary schools throughout Marblehead, students in grades K - 4 learn about electricity and why it's important to respect its power. This popular program features a safety instructor who visits classrooms to teach basic facts about electric power and its potential dangers. The classroom instruction includes handbooks and videos along with hands-on demonstrations to underscore the program's content.

Safety Checklists
The Light Department created a Residential Safety Checklist, which gives ten quick checks you can make in your home to make it more electrically safe, and a Workplace Safety Checklist for businesses and industry. These checklists can be found on the Light Department's website.

If you are planning an outdoor project that includes digging, there may be buried utility lines that you need to avoid. Electric lines, as well as natural gas, water, sewer, telephone and cable television pipes and lines, may be located underground where you intend to dig. Before you begin digging, you must contact Dig Safe at 888 DIG-SAFE to find out what you need to avoid underground.

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  • Follow Rt. 114, (Lafayette/Pleasant streets) towards downtown Marblehead. 
  • Take a right on Ocean Avenue immediately after the fire station. 
  • Take the next left, at the traffic signals (Atlantic Avenue). 
  • Commercial Street is the fifth right off of Atlantic Avenue. 
  • The Marblehead Municipal Light Department is at the end of Commercial Street on the left