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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Property Assessments
Property Assessments

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How to
Dispute Your Property Tax Bill

Purpose of the Assessors Office
The Assessors Department provides the Town with fiscal stability by ensuring that the Town's personal and real property is promptly, fairly and equitably valued and classified. The assessors determine the fair market value of all property for the purposes of taxation.

Responsibilities of the Assessors Office
The assessors are responsible for taxing:
  • Real Estate
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Boats

Other responsiblities include:
  • Preparing the annual Recapitulation (Recap), which compiles tax and financial data for the purpose of  setting the tax rate for each fiscal year.
  • Processing Applications for Abatements, for those homeowners who believe that their property was over-valued for tax purposes.
  • Administers the statutory exemption program for eligible taxpayers.  Statutory exemptions (exemptions created by Acts of the State Legislature) include exemptions for the elderly, veterans, the blind and for widows.

Homes (Real Estate)
  • Values are determined by the Assessors office.
  • You may dispute your property tax bill.
  • Exemptions may be available for the elderly, veterans, the blind and for widows.

Motor Vehicles
  • Values are determined by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.


  • The value is determined from information on the Boat Declaration (2BE) form which all boat owners must complete and return to the assessors.
  • The Boat Declaration form is mailed annually to boat owners along with their mooring permit renewal issued by the Harbormaster's office.
  • A mooring permit will not be issued until the Boat Declaration form is returned.