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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Water Testing Results in Public Schools
Lead Testing of Drinking Water in Public Schools

The Marblehead Water and Sewer Commission is working with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) and Marblehead Public Schools to test water samples from all drinking fountains and faucets used for drinking or food preparation in Marblehead’s public schools.

As recommended by the MWRA, the schools followed the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) sampling protocol and collected first draw and 30-second flushed samples at all drinking water fountains, food and beverage preparation sinks and other sinks likely to be used for drinking water (nurses’ offices or teachers’ lounges). If any first draw sample result is above the lead Action Level of 15.5 ug/L (micrograms/liter) (15.5 parts per billion), the 30 second flush sample will be analyzed. First draw samples below the Action Level will have a 30-second flush sample completed.

The School Department has acted quickly upon notice of samples that were above or close to the Action Level as per Mass Department of Environmental Protection guidelines. These faucets or bubblers have been replaced.  The water has been retested and the results are now below the Action Level.

The following links contain spreadsheets that provide all results received to date.  These results have been updated as of 9/7/16 with data from the 30 second flush samples and the re-tests of the newly installed bubblers and/or faucets.

If you have a question concerning water quality or test results, contact the Water Department’s Assistant Superintendent or Superintendent at 781-631-0102. If you have a question about the test locations or the actions being taken by the School Department should a sample be above the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection guidelines, you should contact School Superintendent Maryann Perry at 781-639-3140.

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