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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Fluoridation Information
On April 27, 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new guidelines to water providers for the recommended amount of fluoride that should be added to water supplies. According to the CDC, the dose is being lowered because Americans now receive fluoride from a variety of sources, other than just water, and the dental benefits can be achieved with a lower amount of fluoride in the water.

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) has adopted the recommendation at its Carroll Water Treatment Plant and has reduced the amount of fluoride in its water supplies from 1.0 mg/l to 0.7 mg/l to meet the CDC's new guidelines. The MWRA provides water to its 45 member communities in eastern and metro west Massachusetts, which includes Marblehead.

Like most other water suppliers, the MWRA follows the guidance of the CDC, as well as the World Health Organization and the American Dental Association, and has been adding fluoride to the water for more than 30 years to reduce tooth decay and to promote public health.

More information on the new guidelines is available on the CDC's fluoride web page.  Information on the water provided by the MWRA to Marblehead can be found on the MWRA website.