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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Survivor Benefits
Survivor Benefits

Return of Accumulated Deductions

When an individual becomes a member of the Marblehead Retirement System, he or she is asked to designate a beneficiary who will receive the member's accumulated retirement deductions in one sum if he or she dies as a member-in-service.  This designation is generally effective unless the member leaves survivors whose rights are superior by law. 

There is no limitation on who members may choose as their beneficiary(ies).  The member may change his/her designation at any time by completing a Beneficiary Change Form

Lifetime Allowance to a Surviving Family Member
Members also have the right to choose an option D beneficiary upon becoming a member of the Marblehead Retirement System.  If a member dies as a member-in-service, an Option D benefit will provide the member's designated beneficiary with an allowance for their lifetime.  However,  if the member does not designate an Option D beneficiary and if his/her eligible spouse does not elect to receive the Option D benefit, the member's accumulated deductions will be paid in a lump sum to his/her surviving beneficiary of record and no lifetime allowance can be paid.

Members may designate only one Option D beneficiary.  The eligible beneficiaries are limited to a member's spouse, the member's former spouse (provided he or she has not remarried at the time of being designated, the member's child, parent or sibling.  A member may change his /her Option D beneficiary designation at any time by completing a Beneficiary Change Form.   It is important to remember whom one's Option D beneficiary is because changes in personal circumstances will not automatically alter the designation.  The Option D beneficiary will remain the same until a new  Beneficiary Change Form is received by the Marblehead Retirement Board.
An Option D designation has a serious and lasting legal impact unless a member cancels it, a member's designated beneficiary predeceases the member, a member retires, a member's surviving beneficiaries are eligible to receive an accidental death benefit or a member's eligible surviving spouse supersedes the member's designation.