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Town of Marblehead
Abbot Hall
188 Washington Street
Marblehead, MA 01945

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Application for a License to Conduct a Recreational Camp for Children

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Application for a License to Conduct a Recreational Camp for Children
Please fill in all information that is applicable to your camp.

Required Documents

The following list of documents must be completed and submitted before your application for a license can be fully processed. You are strongly encouraged to complete these documents as soon as possible and submit them in advance. This will expedite the licensing process.

See the MA Regulations for Minimum Standards of Recreational Camps for Children, State Sanitary Code, Chapter IV-105 CMR 430.000 and the guidance documents issued by the Department of Public Health, Division of Community Sanitation for additional assistance with developing the following documents.

- Staff information forms (see below)
- Procedures for the background review of staff (105 CMR 430.090)
- Copy of promotional literature (105 CMR 430.190(C))
- Procedures for reporting suspected child abuse or neglect (105 CMR 430.093)
- Health Care Policy (105 CMR 430.159 (B))
- Discipline policy (105 CMR 430.191)
- Fire evacuation plan - approved by local fire department (105 CMR 430.210(A))
- Disaster plan (105 CMR 430.210(B))
- Lost camper plan (105 CMR 430.210(C))
- Lost swimmer plan (105 CMR 430.210(C))
- Traffic control plan (105 CMR 430.210 (D))
- Day Camps - contingency plan (105 CMR 430.211)
- Primitive, Trip or Travel Camps - written itinerary, including sources of emergency care, and contingency plans (105 CMR 430.212)
- Current certificate of occupancy from local building inspector (105 CMR 430.451)
- Written statement of compliance from local fire department (105 CMR 430.215)
- If applying for initial license after January 1, 2000 - lab analysis of private water supply (if applicable) (105 CMR 430.300.303)

Please note: If you are applying for an original camp license, that is, the original camp license in each community where the camp is located, you must file a plan showing the following with the board of health at least 90 days before your desired opening date (See MGL Ch.140 s. 32A):

- Buildings, structures, fixtures and facilities
- Proposed source of water supply
- Works for disposal of sewerage and waste water

Staff Information Forms

Camp Director

Health Care Consultant

Health Supervisor

Aquatics Director

Firearms Instructor

Horseback Riding Instructor

Supervisory Staff
Supervisory staff means those persons with the responsibility, authority and training to provide direct supervision to camper groups. This may include counselors, junior counselors, general activity leaders or other staff who provide supervision to campers without assistance.

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